Thursday, 28 July 2011

Red Leather Gloves from Florence

My niece went to Europe for her honeymoon and brought me back some dark red leather gloves from Florence. Buying souvenirs for one’s aunt is a honeymoon activity of course. I have been coveting leather gloves from Florence for years. But where to wear them? Since she has returned Sydney has gone from a cold to a very warm Winter. Given my main outings are the schoo run I am not sure how to style them in.
The kids have been sick lately so today whilst in the waiting room at the local GP I was flicking through the magazines (pretty recent and good for a doctor's surgery). Anyhow, I came across this piece on some of the more famous mums doing the school run and spotted Elle in some FAB red leather pants that would look great with my gloves. But alas I cannot afford said pants and definitely wouldn’t look as good as Elle in them.

I think they will just need a special outing all of their own. Have you ever styled your wardrobe on one key accessory?

Monday, 4 July 2011

Museum, lunch, a mannequin and a parking fine

Today was the first official day of the school holidays. Off to the city to have a look at dinosaur bones and other such stuff at the Australian Museum. Master SevenA perked up when he realised you could see the willies of the all the stuffed animals. He had a great day.

Hyde Park for lunch and over the bridge to pick up an ebay purchase. I was waaayyy excited, but a very weary mum by this stage. $30 worth of milkshakes later the ebayer arrived with this:
I was so pleased. But then returned to my car to find this:

Not so pleased. I have crumpled it up and filed it at the bottom of my junk n stuff drawer until I am able to face it again.