Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Photo a Day Challenge: Days 7 thru to 10

So I have missed a few days blogging my "Photo a Day Challenge" and will take this opportunity to catch up.

Firstly, Miss 5 is now Miss 6, so it's been party central at Toffeeapple Manor. Master 3 will soon be Master 4 (they are ten days apart in birth dates) so we had some combined singing and cakes too. So it looked a bit like this:

Lots of fun, dancing and presents.

And now to the job at hand. The "Photo a Day Challenge"

Day 7: Favourite
I realised that at the moment I don't have a favourite anything. No favourite tv show, no favourite food, no favourite colour (it used to be red, but I like tangerine and cornflower blue too). But I am favourite-ing the kids new trampoline. Each time I have a jump Master 4 stands outside and yells that mums and dads aren't allowed, and then he joins me but laughs so much at me he can't stand up to jump.

Day 8: Your Sky

Day 9: Daily Routine
Really? Well here it is:


I'm a mean mum and get my kids to do some schoolwork during the school holidays before the day begins.

Unload and reload the dishwasher

The washing

Make beds

Photograph children for blog

Then I make some serious decisions. This:

or this:

Day 10: Childhood
When I was little I didn't eat much. I remember clearly my mother taking me to the doctors because I just didn't eat. I remember never feeling hungry or having a large appetite (boy, how times have changed!) One thing I could not do without was a chocolate milkshake and a tall glass of ribena.

Miss 6 loves her chocolate milk too. Her daily chocolate milks reminded me if my childhood fetish. It had to be made a specific way too or else I wouldn't drink it (spoilt? obsessive compulsive? difficult? temperamental?) The ribena had to be made first with the syrup then the water. The chocolate milk next with the chocolate syrup first and then the milk. If ever my older sister was required to make it she would deliberately make it different and then I would go bananas and refuse to drink it. I am much nicer now - I promise.

So there you have it. All caught up now.


  1. Nice to pop over and meet you...via the photo a day challenge. x

  2. What a great idea...time consuming but great. Can't wait for the rest!


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