Monday, 13 February 2012

Valentines Day Sweet Treats

Miss Six has a birthday smack bang in the middle of the school holidays and she has always wanted to celebrate at school with a bunch of cupcakes for her classmates. We came to a compromise this year and I told her we would bring in some sweet treats for Valentines Day.

I found these lovely looking treats at The Novice Chef. They are marbled red velvet cheesecake brownies. Please visit this great blog for the recipe, I won't reprint it here, but here is a series of photos showing our achievement:

My only changes were the size of my baking pan. Mine was 26cm x 36cm (inches: 10 x 14). I was going to adjust the recipe but decided to risk it. Consequently it was thicker (which made the heart shape cutting process harder but it still worked). The baking time is 30 min but I decided to leave it in a little longer due to the added thickness, but then I forgot about it and by the Grace of God it did not burn. I think in the end it baked for about 45 minutes (but truth be told I have no idea).

If I were to bake it again I think I would add some lemon or lemon rind to the cheesecake mix and perhaps swirl some strawberry jam through it (I really like berry flavour with cheesecake). Reading others who tried this recipe, one mentioned a separation of layers. I think it is important when swirling with a knife at the final stage to penetrate all the layers, not just swirl the top.

Hope you enjoy. I made 40 of them and they heading off to school for all of Miss Six's classmates to enjoy (and her teacher).

Happy Valentines Day all you Love Birds.


  1. Hello gorgeous girl, these look delicious. Hope you get posting more often, i know the feeling of when the 4th starts preschool & then suddenly school, you have so much time up your sleeve, but don't seem to get any more done, as school hours rule your day!! Enjoy these holidays, love Posie

    1. Hi Posie, I should be posing more often, in fact I have quite a few written but none posted. I have nothing to blame except my complete indulgence in time. I am enjoying doing daily life at a more normal pace, getting things done on time without franctic rushing. I do need to post again, I think I have over indulged...let's see how I go tonight...Thanks for popping over!

    2. "posting" not "posing" - I pose enough!


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