Thursday, 27 September 2012

Get your mojo from tea towels

So what to do when your mojo is gone? Well, after being housebound for ages (kids sick and all that sort of stuff) I just had no mojo left...anywhere. I needed to find something to inspire me.

It was hard to find something past chocolate. And red wine.

So I thought more simply. What do I like at the moment? My bright tea towels (I did say simple thinking).

And from that I thought of red, yellow and turquoise. Yes, colours. I typed them into Pinterest and that led me on a journey and now I feel all mojo'd again.

Red Yellow Turquoise

It is an add for the Santa Barbara Armchair by Pier 1 Imports. I really like the print on the wall.

This led me to a Pinterest board by a lady named Cheryl Poirier. You can find the board here. And on this board I saw this beautiful Suzani fabric from Loom Exquisite Textiles.

Oh Suzani! I have a new love affair...seriously, where some are fantasising about Mr Grey I am fantasising about Uzbekistan - this stuff is devine. So now I add Suzani to my Pinterest search and come across this cool furniture.

Which was located on Get Togetha blog. Which had a link to Bokja.
And Bokja furniture. Not for everyone I know but MAN would I love to redecorate with this furniture. My place would seriously be great.
And now I start my week on an up note. I hope you do too. And all from tea towels.

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