Thursday, 30 June 2011

Pokémon for the Boys

After making endless outfits for my Miss Five to sample for the Toffeeapple range my Masters of the house were getting a little … let’s say desirous … of some homemade clothes as well. Now I have plans for some great shorts and pants for the boys (and a couple of Hawaiian shirts too) but I had a specific request for some Pokémon pants and shirt. Master SevenO even drew a design for me (see below).

After flicking through some old Notebook Magazines (still in dismay that it is out of print!) before passing on to my sister to enjoy I came across a bit about iron on transfers. Now I know they have been around for zonks but this one really looked beyond simple. So off I went to my local Big W, picked up a couple of short sleeve and long sleeve t-shirts along with the iron-on transfers from “Inspired”. I bought the ones that can go on any coloured t-shirt. Each of the kids picked a favourite Pokémon character online, printed it out on the reliable ink jet and voila. Even Miss Five got in on it and now all four kids have a Pokémon shirt.
Now for the pants…

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