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Things I am loving - Pinterest

18 Sep 2011 Addition: Well, I have contacted who I could from my previous pinterest post and have removed four photos. The only reason I removed them is I either could not locate the original source (2 pics), it was in a foreign language and I thought it would be too rude to write in English (they were French - 1 pic) and I am still awaiting a response (1 pic). All other people who did reply were wonderful. Most were very grateful that I had sourced their photo, and also enthusiastic about their photos being loved (and also being on pinterest). 

This exercise was an interesting one to say the least. It has shown to me that, as in all things in life, something I regard as great someone else will not. There are many differing views on pinterest and how it works. Watermarking is crucial. This will in some way safeguard ownership of the photo, though not always. Perhaps something I should do. Also, I did get taken aback by the whole venture. Previously I have only ever used 3 pictures in my whole blog that weren't mine (a pic of Elle McPherson, a pic of Ashton Kutcher and a pic of some slippers I like on Etsy). Perhaps I will stick to my own little trusty point-and-shoot camera (can't wait to get a DSLR).

13 Sep 2011: ADDITION: I am in the process of contacting all people whose photos I have shown below. I am keeping this blog post up only so the people in question can view their photos and see what they think. I shall then source or remove each photo correctly.

Things I am loving at the moment
I love it.
I am addicted to it.
I had signed up a few months ago and then never really looked into it. Then last week a  playgroup mum/friend was raving about it and simultaneously one of my favourite blogs, Dana at Made, mentioned her Pinterest discovery. So off I went to see what I could find, and I have gone NUTS.
Things I love on Pinterest:
ADDED 18 SEP 2011: Original source:  Dos Family blog. A great and creative blog.

ADDED 18 SEP 2011: Original source: Martha Stewart.

I am a closet doily lover so cannot wait to do some of these doily projects.

ADDED 18 SEP 2011: Original source is "a thousand words" blog. The blog's author did not have the original post.

ADDED 18 SEP 2011: Original source: La Toriana. The picture is no longer on the website as they have sold out. The hats are from Consitution and the clothes from Tea Princess. Both labels sold online at La Toriana here or you can read La Toriana blog here.

ADDED 18 SEP 2011: Original source: Hiya Papaya. This one was very difficult to source and if Cristi and Jessi (the team from this fabulous blog) had not watermarked their image I would never have been able to source it. But thank goodness they did as now I have discovered another great blog. Find their blog here.

Come and join me in the fun here.

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  1. Oh yeah - I'm a pinterest addict too!!!

  2. Yep, I love Pinterest too! That kids' playroom (?) is stunning!

  3. Yes, I love that kids room too. The sofa is amazing and the print on the wall opposite is gorgeous.

  4. You left a comment on my blog about pinning.

    Now at first glance I would have assumed that all these images were yours. I would have complimented you on your skills and taste.

    I would have been wrong.

    I wonder if you would take the trouble to contact the owners of these images and ask how they feel about your possibly unpermitted uncredited usage of their art/oevre/hard work/talent/design/dedication.
    Maybe they give you permission, maybe not.

    Do you yourself have any pictures that are worth stealing? Call it borrowing if you are naive enough.

    Maybe they are delighted.
    Maybe they hate it like me.

    If you are so desperate to adourn your blog with other people's work, then do some work yourself and check up.
    Don't take the easy way out.

    If you like being featured then put up a notice and say to the 'unseen' world:


    I don't blame you, I blame this new unregulated system, which preys upon people's naivety: they think that if some other body grabs these pictures AND STORES THEM, then it is OK.

    How naive can one get??

  5. I will contact said owners and see what they say, and I shall reference my sources. I don't believe this post was "desperate to adourn" my blog. I was just showing some pics I like. Nothing more, nothing less. And if I have any pics worth taking - well that is the risk I take for putting them out into the WWW. But I shall take your point.

  6. Can't tell you how cheered I was by your reply on my blog. I reckon I've made an eloquent sensible friend.

    I hated this confrontation and would as soon forget I ever spoke up. Still, if it results in a wider acceptance of responsibility on the part of the [RE]pinners, I shall be calmer about it all. [and sleep nights again :-)]

  7. Oh i avoid Pinterest, i'd never get away from there, too much to look at, too many fantastic ideas, too glorious . . . so instead, very happy to just view what other bloggers pick & choose, hand deliver to me & saves me hours of dreamy eye candy (i also avoid Twitter & FB for the same reasons, my days would disappear into them).
    As for Hannah's rather strong response about credits & links to the images you chose to post, phew, i use my own images 99% of the time, avoids such drama but so very glad you posted these glorious images, they are beautiful, links or not. Glad she can now be calm & sleep nights again??!! Love Posie


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