Sunday, 18 September 2011

The week that was

Well, I have been out of action for a few days. Initially because of my last post (researching took some time), and also family duties have taken a precedent. But hey ho it is Sunday night and all are in bed (hubby included) and I have ignored my 1500 calorie per day regimen and have pulled out the Cadbury milk block (God bless you husband of mine).

Yesterday I did my first school fete. It was great. I forgot how great fetes can be. I sold lots and then bought lots (love those trash and treasure stalls). The only thing I didn't do was take photos. In fact I have hardly taken any photos all week, in a week where I should have been trigger happy.

I received my new stock, but did not even get a chance to photograph it whilst preparing for the fete, and have now sold most of the new stock. So now I have to get a new order in quick before the school holidays begin.

But I wasn't completely camera shy. Here is a bit of my week:
Made roast capsicum salad - twice. We have great garlic breath this week. I will take better photos next time and do a post on it.

Pulled out the one and only doily I have ever made myself and made a bowl out of it. Post to come.
Dyed my own hair. My husband refused to hold a conversation with me whilst I had a plastic bag on my head.

Fairy Floss and face painting at the fete for my little assistant.

Hope you all had a fun week.

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