Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Martha's Pom Poms

So today I started. Our green garland is up on an exposed beam in the family/dining area and I have made three white pom poms to hang down.

You can find the full tutorial here, but if you just want to hang around here, here is how I did it:

A pack of tissue paper. Make sure there are 10 sheets per pack. I have noticed some selling packs of 5 sheets only, or 8 sheets (which will do also). I got mine from the Hot Dollar Shop (for the Sydney-siders) for only $1.

Lay out the pile of sheets from one pack so that the shortest end is facing you.

Make a fold that is about 2cm (or about 1 inch) in width.

Flip the pile of paper over and fold again.

You are creating accordion folds.

Once you have completed this, tie a piece of string in the middle. (I have also previously used thin wire).

Snip the ends to creat either an arch or point.

Fan out the folds.

Carefully and delicately separate each sheet of tissue paper. Though this is a quick process be aware that tissue paper does tear easily so be gentle with it.

First sheet on one side done.

One half done.

And the results...hooray Christmas is coming!
Thanks Martha!

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