Monday, 21 November 2011

She who dies with the most fabric wins

Ever heard of the saying, "she who dies with the most fabric wins." Well, I am not a winner yet, but I am certainly in the competition. I just can't help myself sometimes. If I see fabric I like, whether for print or feel or both, I love to have it. Often with no plan in mind as to what I will create out of it.

I have my favourite fabric haunts and am grateful that some are close to home. I am grateful too that the one close to home has a box of toys to keep children busy while mums are shopping. It is as if they knew what I needed. Master Three loves to visit almost as much as I do.

I recently had the good fortune of purchasing some GORGEOUS fabric by the designer Charlie Brown. I have always loved her designs (honestly, how beautiful are they, and for more than just skinny minnie body types too). Her jersey fabrics are spectacular. I was so excited it was hard to maintain restraint in my purchases. And now that I have them I am almost too sad to bring scissors to them. I just want to drape them all over me. Really, that's how gorgeous this fabric is.

Well, I have obviously gushed enough. I will have to produce some kiddy frocks from this stash, but will just sit and admire them as they are for just a few days more.

Can't wait to make something with this one. Won't a dress out of this with aqua sandals look great?

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