Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The granny square

In my current state of doily-dom I am rediscovering the granny square. I love it as a rug, I love it as a blanket, I love it as a cushion cover, chair cover, throw, anything. So of course I figure I could dab my hand at that one and do up a few granny squares. But this is where I get stuck. I can't pick the pattern for the square I like and then fixate so much on this point I can't move on.

When we went away for the school holidays I took a few patterns I had downloaded from the net to try out. (Freebies - hooray). I made a trip to Spotlight to buy some yarn, which is another point to fixate on. I stood in those aisles for way too long trying to make up my mind on what I wanted. I think Spotlight should employ someone who can just be there for a second opinion - for those of us who are shopping alone and just need to ask "what do you think - this one or that one?" At the end I was actually pretty disappointed with my choices, but they'll do. I need some lessons in yarn purchasing.

I also bought some new crochet needles, a set where each size is a different colour. Initially I thought this was awesome but I should have just stuck with plane metal ones as there is some friction with the coloured ones which is annoying when crocheting.

So, here are the results:
Basic granny square done with a 4mm needle. Pattern found here.

Basic granny square using a 6mm needle.


The Wagon Wheel Square found here. (That's the pattern I followed but there are a few of them about).

This is the Kingfield Sqare. You will find the pattern for it here.

This one is known as "Katie's Bliss". It was a bit tricky but I managed it in the end. Pattern for this one found here.

So, now the next step is to decide which one to go with (or maybe do a few more patterns) and then make an afghan rug or something similar. Shall fixate on this for a while.


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