Monday, 24 October 2011

Family Holidays

I’m already looking forward to our next family holiday in December. Being a family of 6 we do try and budget well for family adventures. No 5 star hotels, and no Disneyland (just yet anyway). Last school holidays we went away to our favourite camping spot (except we stay in cabins). It is by the Shoalhaven River in southern NSW.
We love our campfires. Cooking on it, roasting marshmallows on it, singing around it, or just staring at it.

We played with sparklers.

The kids ride their bikes and have fun with dad

We love to play along the river and dip our feet in (even when icy cold).

We love to go on bushwalks, get a little lost, and then discover something magical.

We had a wonderful holiday. But we were sad to see the loss of our favourite tree. It used to look like this, but now it has been chopped down. We knew for a couple of years that this would happen. It was a sick tree. It now looks like this:

Still fun to climb.
And on a hot Sydney day like today I can't wait for our beach holiday!

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