Wednesday, 5 October 2011

One too many projects

I am a bit of a jack of all trades/master of none. I also start many projects, bite off more than I can chew, and am a hoarder. Not often the best of combinations.
Currently, these are things I am doing or hoping to get done soon:
Mosaic art – I am participating in an exhibition entitled Asian Influences (see this site for more details). This is my entry that needs to be completed today (done! started writing this post a few days ago) so I can grout tomorrow and enter it. Not the nicest piece of art…but hey I’m still a beginner.

Afghan rug – I will be writing a post soon about granny squares. I’m wondering whether this will be a never-ending project.
Cape – I need to make one for a little boy’s birthday this weekend.
Beach robe – I got the pattern from Dana at MADE, one of my favourite blogs. The children have swimming lessons starting next week and I thought it would be cool if they had these ready. I have cut up one ready to sew. I want to make 4 in total. Hmmm…
Alterations – need to put down the hem on 3 pants (2 down 1 to go) for the boys for a wedding we will soon be attending, and sew some buttons back on my husband’s suit.
Oil cloth – I have never sewn with this but am really eager to get started. I bought a tiny piece the other day and am thinking of making a small clutch.
Canvas prints – I have made one and want to make four more for our wall and one more for my mother-in-law (done for the mum-in-law but still need to do more myself) whose birthday it is.
Doily lantern – have tried to make a doily bowl but need to get some wall paper paste for the actual lantern.
So there you go, this is not my to-do list but just a segment of it. It is projects I wish to do now (does not include projects in the pipeline…lots of these to come).
I get fixated but have trouble focusing. Must work on that.

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