Sunday, 9 October 2011

Saturday at the Salvos

I took a quick detour to the Salvation Army depot last Saturday for no particular reason but to just drop in and see if there was something special. And there was. A Sunbeam Mixmaster.

Ta daaa:

My mother-in-law has an awesome one she got as a wedding present 42 years ago. I think it is fab and it works like a dream. So when I spotted this one at the Salvos I started salivating. The original price tag was $65, and then it had a reduced price of $25, but it was half price Saturday so it was only $12.50! That's right folks $12.50!!!

I had no idea if it worked but thought the price tag was well worth the risk. I took it home, gave it a good clean and then took it for a whirl.

One cake later and I am so in love.

And one happy family:

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