Saturday, 20 August 2011

Crochet a Beanie

I’m not much of a knitter. I always wanted to be. My mum is a spectacular knitter. When I was little I used to get a couple of her knitting needles and tap them together quickly emulating the noise she made when knitting, hoping to produce something. I never got far. As an adult each time I had a baby I had visions of knitting a beautiful white cardigan for them. There are a few that have been started, but alas none that have been finished!
However, crocheting is a different relationship. I enjoy crocheting. I think because I can get through it quite quickly and produce something over a shorter period than knitting that it has been able to sustain my interest. I like doilies (gasp!) but lately have been attracted to clothing I can crochet.
Retromummy has provided a great tutorial for these beanies. She has them in three different sizes. Here I have tried both the toddler size (the blue - though I added a few extra rows) and the child size (the white).

After a brush up of my crochet skills (hooray YouTube for reminding me how) these beanies have been quickly whipped up. They have been to soccer and judo, and on the lounge while hubby strums his guitar. A very portable hobby. I used wool I had in my stash but I think the next beanie will require a special purchase. Not sure what colour though. I better hurry as Spring has nearly Sprung.

 (And yes that is a fish shaped large doily done by my mum).
I also want to do make these from Mamachee on Etsy. But there is an absolute plethora of awesome crochet patterns to purchase on Etsy which I will probably spend the rest of the night perusing.
Photo of Oma House Slippers my Mamachee found here

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