Wednesday, 24 August 2011

What Ashton Kutcher and I have in common

What a gorgeous almost spring day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing. Simply beautiful.
I ended up at the park with Master 3 after dropping the older three grommets at school. An impromptu park visit, so I had brought along no reading material and left my phone in the car. So sit in the sun I did and soaked up the glorious rays of sunshine. I heard a kookaburra singing somewhere, the low din of traffic in the distance and some incessant "mumming" until I realised it was Master 3 wanting a push on the swing.
Homeward bound to a gigantic pile of ironing which I managed to avoid by attacking the gardening. I don’t garden very well. This is an annual event. But anything to excuse me from the ironing. Master 3 decided it was warm enough to strip to his undies and pretended to help.
A quick shower (we’re talking micro seconds) and I discovered my toes. They have not been out for months. And given it was such an awesomely warm day and I had 2.5 minutes up my sleeve it was just enough time to get out the Revlon Vixen and do the ladies up a bit. Pretty, eh? Just don’t look too close as the photos reveal the hit and misses.

Here they are in my old faithfuls. I bought these in Germany in 1997. I’m hoping this won’t be their last summer. I thought I was so cool hopping off the plane back in Sydney wearing these. I wish I bought the green ones too.

And if you look very closely you will see in my right foot the link between me and Ashton Kutcher – webbed toes! That’s my party trick. It has caused me no issues except in the ‘80s when sock gloves were in for a while and then it hurt a bit. Otherwise ok.

I hope you all had a sunny day (whether real or in your head).

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