Friday, 26 August 2011

DIY Lord Voldemort

So it’s book parade day at school. When the boys started kindy I was eagerly awaiting the dress up day but they didn’t have it. They didn’t have it in year 1 either. By now I was grateful of its absence (love dress ups…but amidst all the other daily chores I just couldn’t find the enthusiasm). But lo and behold now that they are in year 2 we have a book parade.
After some consultation we decided on Sky the Blue Fairy (refashioned out of an Alice in Wonderland dress we already had),

Harold from Captain Underpants (Master 8A is not too fussy on getting it right),

and my creative genius, Lord Voldemort. One academic gown (yes, I own one but you could use a big black jacket as well), one fake snake, one wand (or drumstick from younger brother’s drum set) and a white stocking over the head to make him look authentic.

Dodgy I know, but it worked. I got the idea for the stocking from Mrs Woog here. Overall a satisfactory result.

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