Saturday, 6 August 2011

Four types of chocolate cake and a Pokémon ball

Well the Masters 7 are today 8 (so officially now Master 8A and Master 8O). Can’t believe it has been 8 years since I was in hospital heaving out two of them. And I never thought I would like (let alone love) 8 year old boys. When I was an eight year old girl I was not impressed by eight year old boys. But as a 37 year old mother I quite adore them.
To celebrate I made cupcakes for school. Pokémon balls were the request. So I used this recipe for chocolate cupcakes and this recipe for the gluten free ones. I used Betty Crockers frosting in a can (first time I used it – so damn easy). I was worried how I was going to get a true red so went to a cake supplier and bought the real red food colouring that did the trick. I used black writing icing from the local Woolies and mini marshmallows cut in half for the centre. 60 cupcakes in all.
Glad this only happens once a year.
For home I made two different types of chocolate cake. I made a Nigella Lawson old-fashioned chocolate cake for when the grandparents came over and a beetroot chocolate cake for when the other guests rocked up (sounds extravagant I know but we didn't have an actual party and the cakes were small). I am telling you the beetroot cake was delicious. Master A couldn’t get enough of it and there were no leftovers. Will definitely make this one again. Go here for the recipe.
What’s your favourite cake to bake?

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